Dark, unique occult, fantasy and macabre couture.

Unique handmade quality work.
Stained glass / cathedral couture.
Medusa headpieces and masks.
Beautiful metal gloves and claws.
Original Memoira Obscura halo couture, eyepatches and mouthpatches.
Blind masks and everything else your heart belongs to.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to explore our brand and kind of art.
We offer unique handmade fantasy, dark and cosplay couture.
On this website you'll find our limited unique couture works, which are available to you directly for shipping, as well as our regular assortment  made on order on Etsy.

You're also welcome to join us on Instagram to see the latest videos, customer works and pictures and just to stay up to date about releases, give-aways and collections.

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