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Facts about our designer Mia Mane and public accusations against her and the devaluation of my company in public.
This is Hanspeter; the owner of MemoriaObscura.
November 2021, 19th

I am referring to statements by a designer from Germany who mentions my designer on the team in her Instagram account in the "Facts" folder. Naming her (my designer) by name is unnecessary because, as she says "explicitly", she indicates a person who is known to the public as an individual with her label DarkPleasureDesign. The name of my company is also mentioned in this post, which is why I take this as an opportunity to express myself personally.


At this and first point I would like to point out that there are neither main nor sole designers in my team. If you pay attention online, you will find these mentions, explanations, etc. An incorrect statement has already been made here with regard to my company.

A designer based in Germany has  publicly claimed that my designer Mia Mane lied to her in the past; even after repeated requests she would have lied repeatedly and the contact was then broken off.
The fact is: Mia still does not know what she was supposed to have lied with.
It is correct, they had a great contact until the contact was broken off. Neither a correction nor a clarification of what
and why has been possible since then.
It is correct that Mia wanted to contact "her friend" on Monday and she found out she was blocked by the said designer as she tryed to get in contact after the weekend.
The fact is that there should be a discussion on the Friday beforehand.
Since the time was absolutely wrong for this, because there was a family emergency with hospitalization shortly before. Due to the settle because of this hospitalization and serious illness of her father she postponed this conversation to a later date on the basis of this reason.
Said designer wished her "hop on the weekend" and was no longer available from then on. Mia still doesn't know why! I have several messages in front of me that she exchanged with a friend because she was very sad and no longer understood the world. Imagine you are not aware of any guilt (probably because there was a simple missunderstanding ???) and you are deprived of every opportunity to ask and clarify. This is the status since then.

Said designer complains that Mia has approached her publicly in the past and claimed that she was copying her. On the one hand: what would you do if you were blocked overnight by a person whom you consider to be a friend!?
Exactly; You are angry! Mia tried this way to force a contact. Today she knows herself that this was not correct and has removed these posts.
On the other hand: At the time, Mia was also not yet fully informed about the legal issues relating to competition and acted instinctively and impulsively as she became aware that the designer also started with Medusa items while Mia was the founder of that kind of Medusa masks, blind masks, shoulderpieces, mohawks, collars, halos and claws till then.
We have now been fully informed by specialist lawyers in relation to competition, ideas, etc. and both ticked this topic. Since then our life has gone on and Mia has one thing above all else: to rehab! It's no secret that Mia is sick and why DarkPleasureDesign was closed etc. Those interested can read this again under the menu item Mia Mane. This has been here for months.
Or on her own Facebook page years ago.

Said designer from Germany publicly accuses Mia that she is lying in relation to the fact that Mia distances herself from the Gothic scene and does not want to have anything to do with it. Well, that is correct and that you can only practice art if you are personally involved in scenes and live them to the full is new to me. The fact is: Mia has been active in the Black Metal scene privately since she was 15; Metalhead and passionate dark artist. You are welcome to get an impression of her art here, because of which she have only just started to become active in terms of design:

Said designer from Germany states that there will always be overlaps and similarities due to patterns, materials used etc. and that the main focus would not be on an external similarity but on the idea as such.
In the same breath she accuses Mia in her public post that she should have designed an almost 1 to 1 copy of one of her masks. Quite apart from the fact that I and (on request) also Mia are not known, I think it's funny to hear this from a mouth that  already took the idea of ​​Medusa masks with aluminum decorations, Medusa blind masks, Medusa collars, Medusa shoulderpieces, Snake Mohawks, Medusa arm cuffs and claws with which Mia was represented for the first time (according to our research) on the market in 2017.
Even as Mouthpatches, Stained Glass blind masks etc.
While Mia was already active and designed in terms of design drafts with metal ornaments in mid-2017, nothing of this kind was to be seen on the other side.
According to my own research, the designs of the said designer show no similarities until 2018. Above all, they seemed to be beautifully sewn articles and far removed from the work Mia was active in at the time.
Personally, I find it cheeky to accuse someone of similarities or overlaps, even though they had already started working with the appropriate materials in the appropriate optics well in advance.

Said designer accuses Mia of unfair competition in which these items should have been declared as individual pieces or remainder and then returned to the shop in the same form. I can't comment on that at this point, as I wasn't that involved in Mia's work at the time. But I know that this also happened in our shop, which was simply due to the carelessness of a temporary worker who accidentally activated an item that should not be activated. This was then removed accordingly. I also know that it happens again and again that sources of supply stop their productions and new ones have to be found. This means that items are also removed from the range that can appear again months later when a new source of supply has been found. Maybe this was the case.

Said designer from Germany accuses Mia that she had published business cards with coupon codes in the amount of 10% immediately after the said designer published hers. My question then is: which of the diverse ones means this exactly, which Mia then and we still do until now  as customer supplements, as certainly 100000 sellers on this planet do. What kind of assumption should this be?

If I understood it correctly the German designer wrote that Mia had made sure that she came into the focus of haters because she herself had been accused of being a copycat by them for years.  Correct: yes Mia was attacked by strangers and badly bullied online because people accused her of plagiarizing / copying a UK designer.
Mia resisted this by going on her way and just going on and on. A post from a user who triggered a scenario because of this Mia thought to got thrown in the focus of haters again due to the German designer  is completely screenshotted to me. That this impression resulted is actually not surprising because the said designer from Germany was named and Mia was named in a subsequent post with the heading "And since we're at Copycats".
It should be obvious that this gives a corresponding impression. 
And it's just not true that Mia would have made sure that the designer from Germany came into the focus of haters etc. in the first place.
During the contact that said designer had with Mia, she also fully heard how Mia was attacked online by haters and defamed as a copycat. It shouldn't  surprised that this automatically becomes the focus of this device when you manufacture blind masks etc too. Mia is in no way responsible for it. She noticed that live on Mia before. People do it all by themselves.
But it is also a fact that the said UK designer then became aware of both and had a discussion that evening with Mia herself. Since then, neither Mia nor DarkPleasureDesign, nor  MemoriaObscura, have had anything to do with haters, beefers or public defamation. And we want it to stay that way!!!

It was also emphasized that Mia is said to have copied a mohawk made by the designer from Germany and that she is said to be the inventor of such a mohwak.
Mia was not made aware of this but got some messages on Facebook from users who wanted to know where she got this idea from. Not knowing anything, she posted her answer on her Facebook account on November 10, 2019

Said designer also publishes publicly that Mia has copied her idea of ​​a blind eye patch. This is not necessary because Mia had already published hers on August 5th, 2017. At that time only not directly specified as "blind" or "see through" in the post.
(20+) Facebook
Because Mia wasn't satisfied by the design at first she moved on with non see through eyepatches from time to time until she took this idea again in 2020.

Anyway...At this point I would like to point out in general that anyone who thinks they are calling a person a copycat and attacking him or her must first of all familiarize themselves with the relevant legal situation!
You should also familiarize yourself with the release dates before expressing yourself .
The legal situation is clearly defined and as long as a design is not protected, it is simply normal market competition. We don't want anyone to be attacked, bullied or anything else  because they are doing something legal!
The other way around, I wish that my designer and, above all, my company (!) will not be bothered with such hints, insinuations and other subtle approaches.
If said designer thinks Mia would do something forbidden, is hinting her, making competiotion against her or what ever... then she also has her phone number and several public channels through which she can contact Mia in private.
The German designer is the person she blocked Mia and me aswell. Not Mia nor I!

In the following, a list of Mia's first publications will be made shortly so that everyone can get an impression for themselves about Mia's previous works, or just browse through creative works out of sheer mood.

In conclusion, I think that the following pictures clearly show where Mia and other designers within my team get their inspiration from. In most cases it is a resumption and revision, continuation or new edition of old, already existing or passed designs. Often Mia even posts this on our social channels in a way that is understandable for everyone.
So if someone generally wants to make a statement or is of the opinion that their own design has been violated or copied, they should take the trouble and check it carefully. And should check publication dates. Certainly there has always been someone. Or clearly adhere to the legal situation that has already been described above. A copy is a copy if it is a copy. Everything else is an artificial kindergarten.

I would also like the said designer to behave as professionally as you should; and to refrain from statements like "I was the first" if they are not correct (see Mias Facebook post in November 2019) and to designate a design as "yours" if it is not under any trademark protection and thus possibly wrongly influencing customers.

Hanspeter Rüesch

Link to Mia's DarkPleasureDesign Facebook page: (20+) The Dark Pleasure Design | Facebook

Link to Mia's DarkPleasureDesign Shop on Etsy: Ancient fantasy creations. Medusa Amazons & von DarkPleasureDesign (
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