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Heaven and hell.
The good and the bad.
The Alpha and the Omega.
The pure and the occult.
The Christian and the Satanic.

Welcome to our “As Above - So Below” Couture Collection!

Anyone who has already read the text on Mia Mane at the beginning is already informed about a two-part heart, a perfect symbiosis of good and bad.
If you don't, you should see them in the following posts.
Behind these fine, lovingly handcrafted items, there is not only a lot of heart and soul but the foundation stone that was laid by Mia in November 2020 with the first cathedrals stained glass blind masks.
This couture not only unites both themes (the sacred and the satanic) but, above all, serves them separately from one another.
Not fixed, free and full of surprises.
This couture will not be available to order!
Nevertheless, the items do not have to remain individual pieces.
Mia reserves the right to produce and offer the one or the other piece again at the appropriate time, depending on her mood, health and time.

You are welcome to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on new releases, collection items and our regular stock made to order.
Of course you will also find a large number of pictures of our wonderful customers there.
MEMORIA OBSCURA COUTURE (@memoria_obscura) • Instagram photos and videos

We are happy to offer interested bands, musicians and artists custom works on this collection.
If you are interested, please leave us a message using the contact form or directly at memoriaobscuracouture (at)


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